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 Raish application

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Raish application Empty
PostSubject: Raish application   Raish application EmptySat Mar 15, 2008 10:50 pm

Name Raish , Laoban

Jobs@75 Raish :75rdm 75drk 74 thf 67 nin
Laoban :73war PM6-4(almost sea ready)

Sea/Limbus : Both

days i can attend: most days (often work late)

what do i want from sea/Limbus? EVERYTHING

I got sea/limbus experience just before i left game for 1 year was in a kool limbus/sea LS Hayden was the leader forgot name of LS tho
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Raish application Empty
PostSubject: Re: Raish application   Raish application EmptySat Mar 15, 2008 10:58 pm

Accepted ^^. See you tomorrow for Sea at 6pm EST/11pm GMT.

PLD75, BLM75
San d'Oria: 10 | Windurst: 10 | Bastok: 10
RoZ: O | CoP: O | ToAU: O | Assault Rank: Sergeant
PLD AFv2 5/6, BLM AFv2 2/6
Woodworking: 87+2, Alchemy: 41, Bonecraft 23
(This will remain as text until I create a proper Sig -.-)

~~My Merits~~
Raish application Mymerits2cx2
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Raish application
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