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 Current Rules

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PostSubject: Current Rules   Current Rules EmptySat Apr 21, 2007 6:13 pm

Last Updated: 8th February 2008

The rules are as follows:


Currency which drops will be lotted by a single person and will be evenly distributed among those who attend the run.
Leftover Currency (which cannot be evenly distibuted) will be saved and will be avaliable for lotting on the first run of each month. These coins will cost 2 points per 5 coins to lot (you can find a post to see how many coins are currently being held in the Points section).
depending on the circumstances, we may take ~5 coins from the LS bank to allow more coins to be evenly distributed among members at the end of a run they have participated in.
Note: Depending on the circumstances, we may take ~5 coins from the LS bank, to allow more coins to be evenly distributed among members at the end of a run they have participated in. However, please bear in mind we do still need to be fairly strict on this so that the LS bank still has a healthy amount of coins going into it.

Attendance Points

Members will receive 1 point for full attendance for a run, and 0.5 points for anything less. You are expected to arrive at Port Jeuno within 5 minutes after that gather time stated in the /lsmes. Anyone arriving after this time will receive 0.5 points. If you know you are going to be late, please notify myself or a Pearlsack either in game or via another contact method (e.g. PM, email). Please also note that we are getting strict on late attendance, 0.5 points will be given out more frequently.
Please also be aware that if you miss 4 runs in a row you will not have any priority lotting rights for AF+1 items, Homam/Nashira and LS bank coins until you have attended 4 more runs in a row (or close to). Exceptions may be made to this rule depending on the circumstances.

Upgrade Items
People who want to lot an upgrade item must notify the leader of your Allience before you lot, the person who wants to lot with the highest points will have priority lot. You will not be allowed to have priority lot on the same item for two drops of that item in a row over multiple runs.
You may only have priority lot for one item per run, you may lot as many other drops as you want as long as noone else who has a priority lot wants it.
Please also note that people who have the job in question at 75 will have automatic priority over those who don't.
Note: It will temporarily cost 0.5 points to lot an AF+1 item (autosorted items not included).

Omega and Ultima parts (Nashira and Homam Armor)

The person with the highest amount of points will have 1st choice for lotting, followed by the next highest and so on.
Homam Armor will have the following point costs:
Head: 5 points
Legs: 12 points
Feet: 12 points
Hands: 12 points
Body: 15 points
Nashira Armor will have the following point costs:
Head = 7 points
Hands = 10 points
Body = 12 points
Feet = 15 points
Legs = 15 points

LS Bank Lotting
If you wish to lot on LS bank coins, please /tell Hazza as soon as you can when the coins become avaliable for lotting. If there are not enough coins to meet members' demands, maximum coins given to each person may be reduced to distribute them evenly (e.g. if member X wants 70 coins and member Y wants 60 coins and there are 100 coins in the bank, both player X and Y would be given 50 coins each).

Treasure Chests will only be opened by myself ...or anyone else who I specify. If you are caught opening chests you may receive 0.5 points for the run, and possibly no coins depending on the circumstances. You have been warned!
DO NOT pull unless you are told to do so. This especially goes when we first enter a zone. If a mob is aggroed no more people are allowed to enter Limbus. If you pull and noone else can enter because of it, you will receive point deductions (possibly servere amounts, all depending on the circumstances). Pulling without being told to may also result in you receiving 0.5 points for the run (puller/s usually excluded from this penalty).
Also, I would also like to remind everyone to to bring Reraise and to get your Soap from the NPC in Port Jeuno for each run.
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Current Rules
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