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 Current Rules

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PostSubject: Current Rules   Current Rules EmptyWed Aug 22, 2007 9:59 pm

The rules are as follows:

Last Updated: October 21, 2007

Run Time(s):

Wednesdays at 7pmEST/12amGMT/1amGMT+1 and Sundays at 6pm EST/11pm GMT/12am GMT+1 will be the gather together times for the LS to meet (Gather together location will be posted in the LS message prior to Sunday).

Sunday's will be (hopefully) dedicated to poping gods if the pop items have been farmed during the week. Please refer to the weekly list of things we still need farmed.

You will receive one (1) point for every hour of LS participation on Wednesday and Sunday. You are to be at the designated area within a 10min grace period, job approved and with any meds and food items needed. (If a leader or sac asks you to change you will not be penalized.)

(As of 9/14/07) If you DO NOT follow instructions given by the leader/sac/puller you WILL NOT receive points for the run. No exceptions will be made. We give you instructions for a reason, if they are not followed you will be penalized severly.

If we fight gods, you get the following bonus points:

-Ix'Aern fight -- .5 point
-Jailer fights -- 1 points
-Jailer of Love -- 3 points

Self/Group Farming:
In addition to the points accumulated when the LS meets as a group, we also offer you the chance to build up more points through self and small group farming during the week. These are not run by the LS, but items obtained from this can be turned into a leader for the following ammount of points. The group as a whole who are farming the items will receive points for those items turned in.

HQ Euhvi Organ --- 2 points
HQ Hpemde Organ --- .5 points per two organs
M Ghrah Chip x12 --- 3 points per 12 (1.5 point for 6)
HQ Xzomit Organ --- .5 points per two organs
HQ Aern Organ --- 1 point
HQ Phaubo Organ --- .5 points per two organs

Please refer to the "Needs List" post, for what exactly is needed. This post will be updated weekly. If we feel that one item is being farmed more than another we will have to alter/change this point list.

OF NOTE: We will also require some form of proof of who helped you farm the items in question, a Screenshot (or photograph if you cannot SS the FFXI interface) for example would work, showing the item which dropped and the people in your party. Another method would be to equip the LS during your farm time in order for a Leader/Sac to provide proof of your run. If you are caught trying to deceive us in terms of attempting to aquire points for yourself or others who have not earned them in the ways we have stated you will be SEVERELY penalized.[b][i]
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Current Rules
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