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 Item Point List

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Item Point List Empty
PostSubject: Item Point List   Item Point List EmptyWed Aug 22, 2007 10:10 pm

Updated May 4th, 2008

The point costs for the main Sea drops are as follows:

Tier 1:

Jailer of Temperance/Fortitude/Faith
*Temperance Axe (BST/RNG) = 10 points

*Fortitude Axe (WAR/DRK) = 10 points

*Faith Baghnakhs (NIN/MNK) = 12 points

*Temperance Torque (CHR+5, Axe Skill+7, Staff Skill+7) = 20 points

*Fortitude Torque (VIT+5 Sword Skill+7, Great Axe Skill+7) = 22 points

*Faith Torque (MND+5 , H2H Skill+7, Marksmanship Skill+7) = 20 points

Tier 2:

Jailer of Justice/Hope/Prudence

*Justice Sword (RDM/THF/PLD) = 12 points

*Hope Staff (BRD/SMN) = 8 points

*Prudence Rod (WHM/BLM) = 10 points

*Justice Torque (STR+5, Great Katana Skill+7, Scythe Skill+7) = 22 points

*Hope Torque (AGI+5 Katana Skill, Archery Skill+7) = 20 points

*Prudence Torque (INT+5 , Great Sword Skill+7, Club Skill+7) = 20 points

Tier 3:

Jailer of Love

*Novio Earring [Aura of Adulation] (Magic Attack Bonus +7) = 85 points [this is a one time lot item]

*Novia Earring [Aura of Voracity] (Evasion +7 Enmity -7) = 30 points

*Love Torque (DEX+5 Dagger Skill+7, Polearm Skill+7) = 37 points

*Love Halberd (SAM/DRG) = 12 points


*Ix'MNK - [Vice of Antipathy] Merciful Cape (MP+25, Enhancing/Elemental/Dark Magic Skill+5) = 35 points

*Ix'DRG - [Vice of Aspiration] Astute Cape (MP+25, Summoning/Ninjutsu/Singing Magic Skill+5) = 30 points

*Ix'DRK - [Vice of Avarice] Altruistic Cape (MP+25, Divine/Healing/Enfeebling Magic Skill+5) = 35 points
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Item Point List
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